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CoinCharities is a project to facilitate donations to charities and non-profits all around the world by using digital currencies.
We are in a alpha phase and we are looking for funds to build a kickstarter like website where charities can register themselves and users can browse them by type or location.
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  • The LiftUP Project
    By : Upaya Social Ventures
    Country : India
    Bitcoin : 1BrqSzYFk4AuntxJ8QciNQgkWJ9YWyTmf8

    Upaya is building the businesses that create jobs for the ultra poor

    Upaya's LiftUP Project is a 24-36 month accelerator program that provides early-stage entrepreneurs with business development support and financial resources to launch and scale their businesses. To date Upaya's six entrepreneurs are employing 1,158 men and women, and we're working to double those numbers in the coming year.

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  • DO Ubuntu Orphan Campaign
    Country : South Africa
    Bitcoin : 19yatF31DB2Hk52xZ833yeQ4NwkfqSfYDo

    The mission of the DO Ubuntu Orphan Campaign (OBC) is to assist AIDS orphans by equipping their primary caretakers - usually women - with the means to sustain themselves and improve their health. This includes training women to make bracelets to sell for an income and establishing community-based permaculture gardens.

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  • DO Elephants Go To Heaven?
    By : DREAM OUT LOUD Productions
    Country : South Africa
    Bitcoin : 15N5nfBfYedYxfDSmwo9hUC2FW4x2AjXS1

    The mission of Dream Out Loud Productions (DOL)  is to produce and self-distribute documentary films and videos that have the capacity to educate and move viewer’s too social action. In our productions, we continually explore new ways to present educational and political concepts in creative, humanizing,accessible ways. In our distribution and outreach programs, we organize strategically around the issues portrayed in our films with a wide range of organizations, and we make active use of media to communicate our messages.

    Our current project, DO Elephants Go To Heaven? explores the devastation caused by the human belief that we are separate from animals and nature. Unlike many films in this genre, it doesn't focus on the horrors of poaching or abuse. Instead, it shows us just how human elephants are. Like us, they feel emotions, joy, and grief. They are conscious of themselves as individuals, and there are many examples of elephants showing compassion and coming to the aid of other species in danger or need.

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  • International Child Care Fund
    By : International Child Care Fund
    Country : Uganda
    Bitcoin: 13UUaGK8ZDLxjY7RYu2bKEabqjww2KDyxD

    We are a small organisation, run by volunteers. 99% of the money we receive is send to the project in Uganda. Our goal is to help the most needy children, from baby to adult. The work includes improving the health situation, running a primary and secondary school and support the boys and girls finish a professional education.

    By concentrating on one single project we know the situation and directly talk to the staff there. If you want to sponsor a child we can discuss what boy or girl will fit you best.

  • gallery 5
  • Exponential Education
    By : Exponential Education
    Country : Ghana
    Bitcoin : 1MtXnaCfNDmuJRqQQHFnqiJvzfYtyWJb83

    Exponential Education is a project that provides scholarship and free after school tutoring through community role models and student leadership. Exponential Education works in multiple areas of Ghana. Our programs have been found in both the city of Accra and Kumasi, as well as rural villages like Tafo, Abenase, Ejisu, Asafo.

    Our programs are run by our Operational Director Amber Shevin, who manages the Exponential Education program throughout the Ashanti Region. Other programs are managed by various Peace Corps Volunteers, who are trained, supported and monitored by Amber Shevin. We currently have run over 23 programs, and many are running today!

  • gallery 6
  • 100Percent
    By : 100Percent
    Country : New Zealand
    Bitcoin: 1K4DUQsJC13ej6PTeFhx2EyrSBkUb3Y9cL

    100Percent is an organisation which uses talent as the currency of change.

    You can help make a change in the lives of those in need, by volunteering your time as a tutor. We raise funds by selling your donated time to students who want to excel in their studies & help out their favourite charity at the same time. 100% of what you raise is channeled to the cause of your choice.

  • gallery 7
  • New Harvest
    By : New Harvest
    Country : USA
    Bitcoin : 1GpXgwu1q4sjbwarJJr8PcGFswd7mkfVTB

    New Harvest is a non-profit organization whose vision is a future where factory farming is rendered obsolete through advances in science and technology.

    Founded in 2004, New Harvest has been advancing meat produced in cell culture through funding research, holding symposia, brokering research relationships, and brokering funding for researchers. New Harvest is also the point source for information on cultured meat and it's current development worldwide.

  • gallery 8
  • MIRI was founded in 2000 to ensure that smarter-than-human AI, when it is created, has a positive impact.

    In particular, we focus on the technical design challenge. How do we design an AI that is transparent to human inspection, that has a principled (rather than kludge-like) design conducive to several kinds of safety guarantees, that can be given desirable goals, and that will retain those goals even as it modifies its own code to become more and more capable? To answer these questions, we host math and AI research workshops, publish papers with collaborators from around the world, and try to persuade other researchers to join the effort.

You can find us at 165 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai District, Hong Kong SAR.

If you are interested in adding up you charity or non-profit project to our list and receive donations through digital currencies, please fill the form below.

165, Wanchai Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR



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